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Devolution and Federalisation in Belgium

The rationale for Belgium devolution is elaborated with the help of following points:
These differences between groups had led to significant conflicts inflicting upon the economic growth of Belgium, hindering appropriate policy making, instability of government regimes and leading to financial crisis in the country. 9
The division between two broader groups viz. French and Dutch communities based on language was spotted all over the country. Flanders and Wallonia, in particular, exhibited significant social and economic differences.11
The process of devolution and federalisation was initiated as a means to resolve the conflicts among regions and communities, and to bring them in cooperation with the federal government by empowering them with the rights central to their activism. 12
The rationale for devolution involved the sense that the Communities were entrusted with responsibilities that they were more engaged with i.e., the individual and state services. The power encompassing territorial scenario was assigned to the Regions. The federal government, on the other hand, kept with it the critical and significant aspects of state affairs. 14
In this way, the devolution separated the Regions and Communities in terms of responsibilities and activities, it empowered them and allowed them much liberty to exercise their rights towards the betterment of their specific areas and competencies. ...
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The process of devolution and federalisation in Belgium has been quite distinctive from rest of the world. The country gradually transformed from a unitary government to a system of government where different groups have been provided their respective power and authorities…
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