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Post War US Policy

The activities of Soviet during World War II, including the attack on Finland, following Hitler’s attack on Soviet had given rise to new dimension to American-Soviet relations which further turned into a Cold war.
The post war policy of America was confined to the selective measures to counteract Soviet expansionism had gained strategic importance. Later on, when America took an
immature stance of anticommunism, it lost the practical usefulness towards foreign policy. The Soviet foreign policy under Stalin and his subsequent heirs has initial motivation of security and defense of the Soviet Union, for which, the communism interests were conveniently sacrificed.
The ignoring of the proposal of American president caused a negative impact. The American, policy with respect to Soviet Union did not change immediately but made a gradual change. Potsdam agreements were in line with the Soviet demands.
The confrontation started with the American activity of purchasing Alaska. During World War II, Soviet realized the effects of military power and expedited efforts to bring eastern Europe under its control. The rejection of American proposal at Potsdam and implementing its own agenda by Soviet, generated a dejected feeling in the United States, and weakened their relationship with Soviet. The efforts of Soviet Union to establish communism in eastern Europe was highly objected by United State, as it had alienation towards the social and political interests of communism. The bipolar rivalry between United States and Soviet Union lead to the cold war. The unification of Germany and economic recovery of Europe(Marshall Plan) by United States gained a victorious position while the opposition by Soviet Union confronted US the policy. ...
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The relations between America and Soviet had been on a cordial terms for more than a century. It has changed drastically after the World War II. There are several perceptions and theories discussed all around the world over the American- Soviet relations. …
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