Economic Development of Kenya and Singapore - Case Study Example

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Economic Development of Kenya and Singapore

Whether it is in the form of education, governance, or availability of social amenities, the colonial powers had made no moves at empowering their subjects (Meredith, 2000).
The departure of the colonialists, though an event that had been looked forward to by the natives, who had fought hard for their freedom, also brought great trepidation. The young nations had to take their first wobbly steps in self governance, international relations and trade, as well as come to terms with globalization which was being thrust upon them.
Kenya and Singapore, who attained independence within two years of each other in 1963 (Ndulu, 2008) and 1965 (Yew, 2000) respectively, both had underdeveloped economies with limited industrialization and a heavy dependence on the agricultural sector. However, there was great potential for development for both countries. Forty years down the line, Singapore, along with several East Asian countries, has been able to raise herself from the status of 'third world' to a quickly growing economy. Kenya, and most other African countries, on the other hand, is still mark timing with no real advances made (Findlay et al, 1993).
The question then arises why today majority of African countries, taking Kenya as a case study, are vastly underdeveloped economies while those in East Asia have moved up the ladder to be labeled as f ...
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It was during the 1960s that most African British colonies were gaining their independence. This was also true for Britain's colonies in East Asia. Another feature that these young nations had in common was that their economies had been left in a deplorable state…
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