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British General Elections

Yet Brynin and Newton suggest an interesting fact that people whose political ideals and attitudes are compatible with the newspaper they read are more likely to vote than people whose attitudes are considerably cross pressured or go against their own. The study points out that the effects of the newspaper in determining voter choices is significant though not too large and newspapers effects seem to be greater for closely fought elections as that in 1992 than in 1997. Newspaper effects are even high for Labour reinforced political support than for conservative reinforced. The study highlights the fact that newspapers do have a statistically significant effect in determining political behaviour of the voters although the influence of newspapers is more conspicuous during close election results rather than in landslide victories. The study also focuses on the fact that the Conservative press dominated daily circulation in Britain from 1945-1992 and this may have helped the party to win elections continually and remain in power. ...
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The question of political choice in Britain and voter participation and turnout in the British elections remains a matter of concern particularly considering that there has been increased abstention from voting with a decline in voter turnout in the UK. It would be interesting to determine the causes of this decline in voter numbers and analyse the effectiveness of political marketing and encouragement in increasing voter turnout.
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