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It has been revealed that the current United States government has been employing the services of former military men to disseminate one-sided information to the public. The government of the US has been portraying these military officers as experts in the field of war but little did the American public realize that these officers had liaised with the government. Most of them would be paid for their opinions. (Barstow, 2008a)
It has also been revealed (New York Times, 2008) that there are certain personalities in the Bush administration specifically trained to deal with issues such propaganda. One such example is a certain lady called Victoria Clarke. She had a lot of prior experience in the public relations field and has been responsible for crusading about the war in Iraq. She came up with the idea of using journalists in the war live/. She argued that this was good fro democracy as it gave Americans first hand information about the goings on in Iraq. She formed a team that would assist in the process of implanting the propaganda and also hand picked some so-called 'analysts' to tell Americans about the war. (Barstow, 2008b)
The pentagon made sure that the analyst chosen would appear frequently in media outlets this was especially common during the first phases of the war. News images were constantly splashed with the faces of these analysts (employed military men). ...
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Propaganda has been used a powerful tool for manipulating members of society psychologically. However, the methods used differ with time. Propaganda in Nazi Germany was done openly and without fear; this could clearly be seen through appointment of a minister for propaganda…
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