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Liberal Government 1906-1914

The Liberal Government came into existence in 1906 after a landslide victory over the conservatives. The Liberal government was led by Prime Minister, Henry Campbell Bannerman. The Liberal government passed various legislations once it came to power. All the legislations passed by the liberal government collectively came to be known as Liberal Reforms. The concept of 'new Liberalism' had begun to permeate through the party. The members unanimously began to promote appreciation of the interdependence and mutuality of modern society; collective action over individual action and sympathetic response to poverty.
This report aims at enumerating the various liberal reforms that were outlined by the liberal government and its consequent impacts on people. The report in specific speaks about how the liberal government dealt with the problem of poverty. The liberal government went against the previously existing concept of Laissez Faire. The report also talks about how the new policies of the liberal government had an impact on the state of poverty. Solving the problem of poverty was a top priority objective of the liberal government. The report discusses the measures taken by the liberal government to tackle the problem.
The conservative party that was in power before the liberals took over passed several legislations for social reforms. ...
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The General Elections that were held in Britain in 1906 celebrated its centenary year in 2006. Although a number of historical events of historical significance exist, the General Elections of 1906 can be considered to be one of the most important happenings in British History…
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