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Religious Terrorism

Both the US and UK leaders are careful not to cross the line and publicly condemn Islam in its entirety, offend Muslim allies and fail to get the support of the "moderate" Muslims. However the terms that Bush and Blair have used are clear condemnations of at least a part of Islam.
However, other statements from official and unofficial sources and media's treatment of the issue have gone further, reducing the world's perception of the situation to a battle between civilizations, between demons and angels, good and evil, black and white. Former US Speaker of the House and neo-conservative Newt Gingrich has openly spoken of World War III between "the West and the forces of Islam" and ruled out the possibility, and even desirability, of accommodation and compromise between the two parties (Lobe, 2006). The grandson and namesake of former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill spoke of "radical Islam" as a threat equal to the WWII Nazis and Soviets in the Cold War era. The concept of Islam as the "main threat to Western civilization" has also been popularised by writers such as Samuel Huntington in his work, The Clash of Civilizations (Nasser, 2006).
The question that must first be addressed is how big a threat terrorism actually is to global peace and human security. ...Show more


Does "religious terrorism" lead to more intense violence and claim more lives than "secular terrorism" This question, which the paper will attempt to discuss and answer, should be viewed within a global context, especially since the US, UK and other allied countries have declared war on terror…
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Religious Terrorism Essay essay example
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