Democracy in the Middle East: the Answer for a Better Future - Dissertation Example

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Democracy in the Middle East: the Answer for a Better Future

Literature Review

Can Arab countries become function democracies? There are two main answers to this question which must be explored by looking at the literature. The first answer suggests that democracy is a universal quality and can take root anywhere in the world so long as the people believe in it. This argument suggests that this really is an Arab Spring and that the countries of the Middle East will soon be democracies. As the Economist rightly says, “All too often, before the Arab spring, the choice was between a fatalistic torpor under authoritarian leaders such as Hosni Mubarak or the delusions of extremists such as al-Qaeda. Suddenly Arabs are being asked to shed the culture of victimhood, take responsibility for themselves and uncork the creativity of their young.” However, the newspaper goes on to suggest that is “racist” to believe that democracy cannot take hold in the Arab world (Economist).
Nevertheless, there is a reason people have believed that the Arab world was “exceptional” (Browers, 1). The political culture and economic sophistication in these countries is limited and blighted by both corruption and graft. Dynasties take hold quickly and dictators often suppress and torture their people. The conditions are not good for democracy as few institution exist. . As Michaelle Browers writes in Democracy and Civil Society in Arab Political Thought, there appears to be something unique about Islamic tradition as it relates to politics. Individualism is not prominent and autonomy is not rewarded. ...
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The main aim of the current paper "Democracy in the Middle East: the Answer for a Better Future" is to answer in details the following question: Can democracy take hold in Arab countries that have recently overthrown their governments? The world is changing rapidly, but what does the future hold?…
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