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Is the reaffirmation of regional identities compatible with globalisation?

Globalisation is the latest buzzword that is most commonly expressed from the economic point of view, without really comprehending the full relevance of the word. Globalisation needs to be viewed from many sides to understand what it truly means as it is multi-dimensional.
These dimensions of globalisation include a wide spectrum of factors namely development in communications, economics, work organization, ecology and last but not the least culture and civil society. It would be but natural to ask that globalisation as is commonly referred to has only economic considerations and the other factors are hardly experienced or subservient to the economic factor of globalisation and hence globalisation has only an economic substance.
This is a misunderstanding of globalisation and places emphasis on the global market place and not on the many faceted dimension of globalisation. Barriers to trade have collapsed or are in the process of collapsing among all the nations of the world and that makes it possible to understand the concept of a global market. Extend this aspect to allow for the borders of the nations to become gradually irrelevant to the daily behaviour of the various other facets of globalisation namely information, technology, ecology, culture and civil society. In short globalisation implies that the artificial national boundaries gradually collapse to allow for the creation of a single social village, as would have happened, but for the erection of political boundaries as humankind evolved. ...
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The rapid pace of globalisation aided by the technological developments in communications has given hope to the economic well-being of all the residents of this world and with that the possible realization of the dream of a world village wherein all of the humankind resides within a social order that covers all of them. …
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