Improving Construction Safety in Saudi Arabia - Dissertation Example

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Improving Construction Safety in Saudi Arabia

The intention of this study is the term ‘safety’, which refers to an absence of danger, as often partnered with the term ‘health’ within the context of work in general and for construction work. Because human health and welfare are of concern to the society, a corporate responsibility exists to ensure that minimal risks exist to the health and safety of employees so that individuals, families and the society at large receives protection and remains free from catastrophe. Thus, the legal system in England and in many other nations emphasises a duty to care, an absence of negligence and criminal responsibility for injury to ensure that those who use employees for business do so in a manner that will minimise harm to these individuals, especially when the business motive is to present profits. The law reflects values in a society and without values that emphasise health and safety it is likely that the risks associated with occupations will present undue harm to individual members of a society and to society itself. Hence, a global concern exists for health and safety in construction and many nations around the world have enacted laws and regulations to emphasise health and safety in occupations, based on recommendations of international organisations, including the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and national values. However, a need exists to ensure that laws and regulations are effective and practical. ...
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This research will attempt to understand better the background for construction health and safety in Saudi Arabia, including existing regulations, policies, measures and so on in an attempt to ascertain how best to improve on safety in construction…
Author : aiyanasteuber

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