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Ruling Forms

The Berbers in North Africa has been suffering linguistic imperialism through the systematic control of their language both by the West and by the Arab majority through the process of Arabisation. But what distinguishes imperialism to other kinds of subordination in all forms of the language is that there is a greater attempt to appropriate the psyche and the cultural practices of the colonized. Africa has become a place of rapid colonization since the ‘scramble for Africa’ by various imperial countries due to vast economic promises and little resistance from multi-ethnic and linguistic communities. As the spirit of nationalism was more relaxed, it helped the French to divide and rule or for the British Company at first to indirectly rule the masses through their tribal leaders in most cases. Post independent Africa drew these instances of multi-ethnic separations of the African people that had given rise to colonization in Africa in the first place. This, till today, remains a big issue for political leaders to enhance African nationalism and not give much importance to ethnic claims to their independent heritages. Thus sometimes multiple ethnicity and nationalism seem opposing forces.
North Africa comprises the countries of Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Sudan, Tunisia, and Western Sahara. Close relations in culture and linguistics also make Eritrea and Ethiopia a part of North Africa. North Africa is generally included in common definitions with the Middle East due to similarities in religion and culture. ...
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The dissertation entitled "Ruling Forms" investigates the phenomena of different ruling forms. Namely, in "Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism (1947)" Lenin argued that capitalism is the force that necessitates Imperialism that in turn results in colonialism. …
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