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Canada's Dispute with the UAE

Towards the end of fall 2010, the Canadian media got headlines when they aired the news that Canadian Defense Minister, Peter Mackay has been “thrown out” of the UAE. However, the reality was a bit different. Weeks before this incident happened, the lease, which allowed Canada to have a military camp in UAE for its soldiers in Afghanistan, expired. It meant that now if any military plane, which had to land in UAE, would have to take authorization from the UAE administration. However, Mackay did not have any such authorization and therefore, the UAE officials had no choice but to restrict the landing of Mackay in UAE (Abma, 2011). The consequences of this dispute have been adverse and if the parties fail to show any flexibility or if there is no intervention from any third party to solve the issues, then this pay the trailer of what is going to happen next. Recently, the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper amazed the world by blaming the UAE government on being soft on terrorism. Furthermore, the Prime Minister also linked the introduction of visa restrictions and ending of lease arrangement for Canadian forces to fight in Afghanistan with blackmail to get the UAE’s subsidized airlines to suck money out of Canada. In fact, Prime Minister Harper has been really loud and angry on this issue and has gone on to raise doubts on the intentions of the UAE administration in helping Canada against the war on terror as part of the plan to ask for bigger favors (Kukucha & Bratt, 2011). ...
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The essay under the title "Canada's Dispute with the UAE" dwells on the relationships between Canada and the UAE. Thus, it is stated that for the past few months, the relations between Canada and UAE have hit a new low. Canadians did not require any visa for entering into the UAE…
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