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Parliamentary and Presidential System

The main difference between both the systems of governance is the fact that under Parliamentary System, the Chief Executive of the country is accountable and responsible to the legislature and has the power to dismiss him whereas in case of Presidential System, the Chief Executive of the State is not accountable to legislature and in normal circumstances can not dismiss the head of the State. “The president is elected directly by the people and is answerable to the voters rather than the legislature. Whereas the prime minister has no choice because he or she is a Member of Parliament and is directly accountable to that body. Herein lies a very basic difference between the presidential system of government as it exists in the United States and the parliamentary system that has evolved in Great Britain.” Therefore the Parliamentary System is more accountable than the Presidential System because of the fact that Sepration of powers is not allowed under the Parliamentary System and the Prime Minister, being the member of the Parliament is answerable to it. ...
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The Parliamentary system or Presidential System are two most important governance systems in the world which are effectively in place in most of the countries.In Parliamentary system, executive is directly or indirectly dependent on the legislature whereas in Presidential System of governance, the executive branch exists and presides separately from the legislature…
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