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Causes of Obama's victory

This was said to have figured prominently in the election and was one of the main issues that propelled Obama towards victory. In the perception of the electorate, electing John McCain was tantamount to rewarding the very people who got the country into the financial mess. The other issues that mattered were the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Thus, Obama is widely seen as a transformational figure who would provide relief and succor to a nation divided by partisan politics, besieged by economic problems and insecure in the aftermath of the 911 attacks and the subsequent war on terror. The election of Barack Obama came as part of a historic mandate that saw record turnout by the electorate and a campaign team that relied extensively on the internet to propagate their message as well as secure funding is a sign of our times. Given the track record of the 2000 election that saw the election being decided in the Supreme court led some commentators to wonder,” whose election is this anyway” (Wayne, 2007). Drawing from the experiences of Al Gore and John Kerry in the previous elections, the Obama team made sure that they did not repeat the mistakes of the democratic predecessors. First, he came at the right time and was consistent in his theme of “change”. For instance, President Bush’s approval ratings were at 27% because of the financial meltdown and thus change echoed with voter sentiment. Secondly, Obama won “middle America” more than John Kerry did. ...
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The election of Barack Obama as the 44th president of the United States was a historic event in the life of the American republic. The fact that an African American was elected president and on a platform of “change” was heralded as the beginning of a new era in the politics of the nation…
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