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Theories of International Relations

The paper "Theories of International Relations" concerns the International Relations and other related social theories such as postmodernism. The International Relations theory is composed of concepts, policies and practices that serve as guidelines for the interactions between different organizations and nations. Basically, the IR is related to world politics, thus, it can be considered as one of the significant fields that explore the ways and means to prevent war, to have an economic interaction and to cooperate in the process of achieving goals for international welfare in different areas and aspects of the society. The study of IR then is important in the determination of the different paradigms that can help in the understanding of the issues and problems that can be encountered in connection to different forms of international relations. The different concepts that comprise the theory of International Relations can be considered to define different points of views. For that matter, one of the criticisms in relation to the manner by which the IR defines events, it can be critical and subjective on the basis of the fact that the views are segregated in the different theories that comprise the IR. One of the most significant theories related to the International Relations theory is the postmodernism view. The concept covers the wide variety of unconventional notions regarding the different social views and theories. The views identified as post-modern are classified as the concepts. ...Show more


The effect of postmodernism on the state of the International Relations is one of the main issues discussed in the paper. To be able to achieve the set objectives, it is important to attain a level of the understanding of the different related concepts…
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Theories of International Relations essay example
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