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Whatever it is, they're against it

This essay considers the New York Post article in regards to its legitimacy and whether I agree with the City Council. In considering whether the article has merit a number of aspects point to it being credible. While the article is humorous and the New York Post is not as top-flight or intellectual a newspaper as some others, in cross-referencing its main points, it’s clear that there is considerable evidence that points to the article’s legitimacy. One such point is from Time Magazine. In this article, Melnick notes that the City Council has continued this overly restrictive pattern of investigation, as just this year they sought measures that would ban toys in McDonald’s Happy Meals. In considering that the original article occurred in 2006 and this article is from 2011, it’s clear that this is an on-going concern with the City Council being overly prohibitive. It’s also worth noting that Time Magazine represents a much more substantial and politically credible publication than the New York Times. In these regards, it appears that the article is credible and readers must give greater consideration to its main argument that the New York City Council is overly prohibitive. In large part I agree with the criticism the article levies at the City Council. While I believe that it is important for regional governments to ensure public safety and to develop reform methods that look after citizens, in this situation it’s clear that the City Council has gone beyond their responsibilities. ...
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A recent New York Post article titled What It is,They’re Against It examined a number of recent motions made by the City Council.While the article is in large part humorous in its presentation of farcical things the City Council has considered restricting in recent years,it does appear that there is some truth to the journalist’s insights…
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