Does nationalism need to be based on ethnic myths of descent? - Essay Example

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Does nationalism need to be based on ethnic myths of descent?

Historical process of nationalism will indicate that the nationalism as a process started in the Europe during 19th Century.(Anthony,1993). On a larger scale it attempts to provide the criterion for the creation or ownership of the legitimacy of power over a State by people having certain characteristics. This doctrine therefore indicates that the societies in the world are divided based on the nations each having their own distinctive characteristics and as such the only form of legitimate government can only arise if national self government is imposed over the State. Thus nationalism is necessarily considered as a political ideology which advocates the case of controlling the State by a nation. Since State derives the legitimate obediences it is therefore argued that to wield the control over the population and achieve political legitimacy it is critical that the power must be relocated to a nation to govern the State. (Featherstone,1990)
French Revolution is considered as the starting point from where the emergence of strong nationalistic sentiments started to emerge and dominate the political scene of the countries. At this point, it was clearly established that the only sovereign is the nation with the sole power of making laws to its citizens therefore the individuals must show the loyalty to the nation. French Revolution is critical in the sense that it was the turning point to break away the barriers that separated the various regions of the country and united them as a one nation based on single language and culture. ...
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This study looks into an argument that the nationalism is not just limited to the ethnic myth of descent but rather it is something more complex and will discuss as to whether the nationalism needs to be based on ethnic myths of descent…
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