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Cyber Security Threat Posed by a Terrorist Group

The government should, at this juncture, start three important steps; the first one to secure vital governmental, defense, and nuclear installations from a possible cyber attack, the second to protect the nationally important infrastructure and industries, and the third to protect common users from cyber attacks and also to help the ‘compromised’ get rid of the malware.
In order to ensure future prevention of attempts of cyber attacks on defense, government departments, and nuclear installations, it is necessary to develop an agency similar to the Joint Functional Component Command for Network Warfare developed by the US Department of Defense. It should be provided access to data from various governmental law enforcement agencies and private sector as required in its operations. In addition, as already found, certain nations are highly involved in cyber attacks. So, the agency should be allowed to utilize its resources for both offensive and defensive purposes. In other words, military and various other law enforcement agencies can make use of the expertise of this agency as and when required.
In total, by adopting the above steps, it will be possible for Australia to ensure maximum cyber safety in case of a future cyber terrorist attack. This will ensure an adequate level of security at all the levels of the nation ranging from the government departments, defense, various industries, and the common users. Considering the rising levels of cyber attacks on Australia, the earlier the strategies are adopted, the better the future will be. ...
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This essay discusses that the rising number of cyber attacks in Australia indicates that Australia is facing the serious threat of cyber terrorism. Sparse cyber attacks only cause annoyance, the present situation in Australia is facing a considerable degree of such attacks…
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