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Compare and contrast between liberalism and conservatism

High level of individual freedom is the core of classical liberalism whereas liberal conservatism advocates small governmental intervention on individual matters. In other words both are similar as far as individual freedom is concerned. Classical liberalism advocates private property and liberal conservatism also do not deny earning of private property. Liberty and prosperity were the major slogans of classical liberalism. Liberal conservatives also emphasize human's freedom, capitalism and a free economy/market. Progressive liberals are not much keen in doing what they advocate in their manifesto. Most of their principles and policies were lie on paper alone. On the other hand, traditional conservatives believe in natural laws and moral principles. Tradition, custom, hierarchy, patriotism, localism regionalism etc are different dimensions of traditional conservatism whereas progressive liberals will never advocate all those things publicly, but they engage in similar activities privately.

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America’s political party democrats believe in liberalism whereas republicans believe mostly in conservatism. In most of the countries, these two ideologies are still dominating the political sector in different names and forms. This paper compares and contrasts liberalism and conservatism …
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