US Foreign Policy & Democracy: Impact on the Muslim nations - Dissertation Example

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US Foreign Policy & Democracy: Impact on the Muslim nations

The intention of this study is the United States foreign policy that is based on three ‘cardinal principles’ as envisaged by the Heritage foundation—writes Oaft. These three principles are interrelated. The US is trying to endorse freedom and democracy in the non-western world because this professed liberal principal is the only ground on which the projection of military power can be justified. The concern of America for freedom and democracy must be seen in relation to their national interests and these interests are manifest in a form of economic and geopolitical motives. To keep in balance the two US must adopt the principle of selective engagement. According to the observation of the Heritage Foundation, the US has subordinated the universal principle of justice to their national interest. Oaft observes that although America is giving harangue on democracy and liberal principles, in the Middle East states, they are associated with suppressive and autocratic regimes. As for evidence the author points out that for last five decades, America had been consistently supporting the self proclaimed leaders and had extended monetary and military supports as well as political advice and security measures. This past has led to the disbelief towards the seemingly humanitarian initiatives of the United States. It has been assisting the dictatorial regimes for a long time. Not only this the United States had created alliance even some other dictatorial governments, which was needed for having an upper hand in the relations with the other countries. ...
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The aim of the study "US Foreign Policy & Democracy: Impact on the Muslim nations" is to examine how the US foreign policy is made today against the backdrop of a history of policy making with a discussion of the salient features of the present policy and its impact on the Muslim nations…
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