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The Globalization of World Politics

To balance power, states are involved in bargaining and forming alliances that would ensure one state does not dominate the others. The First World War can be attributed to change in distribution of power in the international system and the many alliances which had been formed prior to the war to protect interests of different states (Dickson, 2011). This enabled all the European states to be drawn into the war making it the greatest war ever fought. However, there are many other causes which led and intensified the war. These include; arms race, nationalism, imperialism and militarism among others. The great powers involved in the war included Britain, Italy, France, Germany, Russia, and the Austria-Hungary Empire.
The Second World War on the other hand, was as a result of dissatisfaction with the conditions of the peace treaty signed after the First World War and struggle for power by states. However, there are other important factors that contributed to the war such as the great depression of 1930s, the rise of totalitarianism, policy of appeasement, failure of the League of Nations as well as ideologies such as anti-communism, fascism, nationalism, and militarism among others (Dickson, 2011). The powers that fought as allies included; Britain, U.S, France, and Soviet Union but Italy joined them after 1943. The Axis included powers such as; Germany, Italy, and Japan as well as German colonies. ...Show more


The world politics is dominated by struggle for power between states each trying to maximise its national interest through balance of power mechanisms (Baylis et al. 2008). According to this realism view, war is a natural condition of world politics. …
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The Globalization of World Politics essay example
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