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International Relations - Iraq Conflict

. Fifteen years after the United Nation Security Council imposed sanctions and containment on Iraq, U.S. forces continued to battle remnants of the former regime and a range of other adversaries inside Iraq. Iraq remains a decisive battle front for both those who support and those who oppose the development of more moderate and globalized Islamic societies. The economy of this oil – rich country had been completely devastated by hyper inflation and debt.
In 1990s Iraqis suffered under the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein and things got tragically worse with the horror of the attacks of September 2011.This gave a wonderful opportunity for America to retaliate against Islam radicals and the target was Iraq. The reason for this was possession of weapon of mass destruction by Iraq which was a military threat to America. The killing and counter killing continued for years. But the root cause of conflict in Iraq can be of various natures and one being religious indifferences. The other main reasons are poverty, ignorance, regression and fanaticism. According to Cordesman (2008,pg 45)“Tension between Sunni and Shiite legislators remained heightened as both sects accused each other of propagating sectarian killings and conflict”
The root causes of conflict in Iraq can be associated with the following:
The conflict in Iraq is not a civil war. It is a sectarian violence, complicated by the region’s wider religious rifts and their intersection with state – supported terrorism networks. ...
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The author of the paper "International Relations - Iraq conflict" analyses the root causes of the conflict (religious difference, poverty, repression, fanaticism). Also, explains it applying international relation theory and the theory of realism (national security, individual role, political motives,etc) …
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