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test on British politics

Due to her membership to the EU, Britain’s government is not only concerned with the internal organization but also the various international dimensions as prescribed by the stated rules and regulations within the group. EU membership has had significant impact on areas of law that European Union Law cuts across. As a result, the EU membership has resulted into significant constitutional changes in Britain. For instance, through being a member of the EU, Britain has to drop the ‘old constitution’ thereby ceasing to be a sovereign state. No doubt therefore, that being a member of the European Union significantly affected the constitution of Britain.
Other than being a legal source to the constitution as well as defining the activities and inclusions into the constitution, Britain’s membership to the EU has given the European Law primacy over the various national legislations developed. Impact of Britain’s constitution as a result of being a member of EU is determined by the proportion of laws in Britain that are derived from the EU laws. The proportion of laws, rules, and regulations derived from EU laws and incorporated into Britain’s constitution is significantly high hence indicating that the former has had significant impact on the latter.
Another impact of the Britain’s EU membership on the constitution is the idea of task enforcing the law within Britain. Evidently, the enforcement of the constitution has been extended to the European courts and not to the Britain courts as it was earlier on. ...
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EU is an economic and political partnership that was formed between 27 countries in 1973. Being a member of the European Union has significantly affected the Britain’s constitution. Britain on the other hand has never had a special event that prompts into writing the guidelines to governance…
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