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The most important reason for foreign intervention is the geopolitical and economic interests of powerful states. The interventions don’t necessarily have to be of military nature. Economic sanction is a weapon often used to punish the country for being too closed for foreign companies. Recently U.K. has imposed economic sanctions on Iran because of its nuclear programs. Other countries are to follow soon. Another case of geopolitical interests is Iraq where the Allied forces invaded on the pretext of Weapons of Mass Destruction. But even after the Hans Blix’s report on the absence of WMDs, the allied forces continued their operations. Many people argue that the main reason behind the invasion was oil.
In a similar manner, corporate interests influence foreign policies of a country. China has been very interfering in the internal matters of its neighboring country Nepal because of the corporate interests. Nepalese market is flooded with Chinese goods. Corporate interests may not lead to military invasions but they certainly influence countries to adopt protectionist measures. Ideological interests in a democracy are also as a major factor which leads to interventions. Human welfare is also cited one of the major reasons but there is considerable debate about the authenticity of such claims. While U.S. intervention in Iraq was justified for removing the despotic rule of Saddam Hussein, no such action has been taken in Zimbabwe against Robert Mugabe. Countries seek ideological conformity. ...Show more


The author of the essay touches upon the issue of nationalization. Hence, it should be pointed out that nationalization is a policy which is followed by countries throughout the world in order to secure their economic interests. Such states as China and India have nationalized their Banks in the past. …
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Nationalization essay example
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