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There are various factors which motivate terrorist groups to embark on violent missions towards innocent civilians. To begin with, revenge is one of the key motivations especially by a community which has suffered real or perceived injustices under an administration or a dominant society. For example, the US foreign policy towards the Arab countries in the Middle East has been perceived by terrorists as harsh towards people of Islamic faith (Hoffman, 2003). The country, being a super power, has in the past engaged its military in violent warfare in countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq among others which has been viewed by critics as a show of disrespect on the sovereignty of these Muslim nations. Consequently, movements such as the Al-Qaida are a culmination of such thought, which has planted the seed of hatred towards the Americans in general. It is for this reason among others that the US has continued to fall prey to terrorist attacks such as those of September 11, 2001, among others such as the twin bombing of US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998 whereby more than 200 people lost their lives. ...
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This paper is a critical evaluation of terrorism and the factors that motivate terrorists to commit acts of violence. Terrorism refers to the use of unlawful violence and threats to intimidate governments and the society at large so that unpopular ideologies can be recognized…
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