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Reviews of "US Policy toward Venezuela"

The US and Venezuela’s policy of foreign association has been one of the repression since the beginning of cold war. The justification to sustain this claim is the fact that United States has never been in good terms with the Soviet Union (Restrepo 146). This is because while United States was advocating and promoting democracy, the Soviet Union was busy trying to stretch communism. That is why United States is facing challenges in implementing democratic freedom in Venezuela. In fact, it is the same reason as to why Venezuela’s president greatly believes in communism and rejects democracy of people (Shifter 102). The Monroe Doctrine policy suggested that the whole of Western Hemisphere was the subject of power for United States and needs to be implemented the way it is. The US was able to repress all the disputes in an intransigent manner. The associations never developed and that is one of the contributory factors to problem today. The US is facing many challenges because it neglected the Latin Americans and they have shifted their interest to the Soviet Union and China for help. This means that United States need to be straightforward and frank with the foreign policy towards Latin Americans and associate them fully (O'Gorman 123). Once it becomes open and sincere to the Latin Americans in Venezuela, they will develop a positive attitude towards it and shift their support from President Chavez to support it.
The US Policy toward Venezuela is a good paper that was well researched and has the best association between the topic and the content. The paper contains very good and well composed points, which are followed with suitable evidence. ...
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This review is about US Policy towards Venezuela. The United States foreign rule has to associate in democracy in Venezuela in presence or absence of President Chavez. Therefore, the outstanding policy of US towards Syria is that democracy and equitability must be practiced in Venezuela. …
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