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Israeli-Iran Conflict

A wide range of threats are evident with the current nuclear production in Iran that includes even asymmetric warfare. Iran acts strategically in this conflict and by gaining her support from Iraq and Afghanistan, she posses even a greater threat to other countries. Global economy runs at a risk if Iran would target the Gulf area, which is the main hub of all petroleum exports to global market. Thus, the Iran-Israeli conflict puts into picture other players such as the United States, Iraq and the southern gulf (Cordesman, 2011, 1).
Israel has threatened to strike the nuclear energy plants in Iran for what she calls a bleach of the policy of international sanctions, in which Iran was prohibited from furthering her nuclear weapon production. This was confirmed by a report released by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on 14 September 2012 (Racimora, 2012, 1).
Unconfirmed rumors indicate that Israel might be planning a preemptive air strike to the nuclear states in Iran. Much has been speculated on a possible collaboration of Israel and the United States in the preemptive strike mission. This has been discussed in details, spilling over even to the recent presidential polls in the U.S. Speculations showed a possible erupt of a war between the two countries during this time and this was a key campaign issue over the two presidential contenders; Mitt Romney and the newly elected president Barrack Obama ...
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The research paper 'Israeli-Iran Conflict' aims to answer the question whether the Israeli-Iran conflict poses a security threat to the US. The controversies arose on the development of nuclear technology in Iran and also on the operations of two controversial groups; Hezbollah and Hamas…
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