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How do US elections differ from the Russian ones?

From this research it is clear that elections in the United States and Russia have their own unique features and characteristics that distinguish them from each other.
Even though electoral processes share some similarities and characteristics, most contemporary democracies and jurisdictions have their own unique electoral systems that are protected by their constitutions. Most constitutions have detailed voting systems and arrangements that convert people’s votes into meaningful political decisions. The US has its own unique ways of dealing with election related issues, and, so does Russia. For example, in the United States, when the first round of elections does not produce a winner by absolute majority, the senate is given the power to elect the president. In Russia, when such a case occurs, a second round of elections between the candidates who had the most votes is held so as to determine the ultimate winner of the elections. These differences between elections in the US and Russia shall be the main focus of this research.
In the United States, the system of government is the representative democracy, where representatives are elected by citizens to make government decisions on their behalf at different levels. In Russia, the constitution enshrines electoral laws that govern all election processes. The present study would focus on these differences between the elections in the US and Russia. ...
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According to the research findings, America has its own unique features that distinguish its elections from those of Russia. The case is the same with Russia. This paper will examine and discuss how elections in the United States differ from the ones in Russia. …
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