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The United States legal system is the foundation of democracy and freedom because it draws boundaries on which rights and freedoms the administration can violate or interfere with.
In the United States legal system, human rights are increasingly essential for a harmonious and prosperous society. In the US, because every citizen owns property, the United States laws and the public recognize the principle of property rights. Similarly, the US government ensures that the political rights idea trickles right down to the minority group or citizen. An ethical and religious rights conception appears to be diminishing; therefore, it is crucial to link the rights idea to the public interest. United States legal system has managed to practice this by giving the public political rights since the start, but in some other nations, it may be hard to give the society political rights because they may utilize the rights in an unethical way because they have been deprived of such rights for a long time.
The US legal system assures citizens a role in lawmaking to ensure an extensive moral strength of the law. Similarly, in the United States, the public have a personal choice, interest and freedom in obeying the state laws, including the laws they oppose because they realize that, in some occasions, they will give the majority opinion and will condition the minority to adhere to the law.
Whereas the powerful may always be the minority, their discomfort is not fatal as their power makes law violation increasingly risky. ...
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The essay "Democracy" introduces democracy as crucial indivisible and universal key principle and values of the United States legal system. The aim of this essay is to explain the concept of democracy, to analyze the effectiveness of democracy and to discuss measures to gain it…
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