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How did the Revolution in Tunisia lead to all other Revolutions in the Middle East? - Personal Statement Example

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How did the Revolution in Tunisia lead to all other Revolutions in the Middle East?

What was the history of the region?
Tunisia is the northernmost Maghreb country in Africa and borders Libya to the southeast, and the Mediterranean Sea to the north and east. It measures 165,000 km² in area with an estimated population of about 10.3 million. It has a coastline measuring 1,300 km in length, harbors the Sahara desert in the south with the rest consisting of particularly fertile soil. The authoritative Ben Ali was the president of the Republic of Tunisia from 7 November 1987 up to the rise of the jasmine revolution in Tunisia (Carvin Web). He was authoritative, undemocratic and did not observe international standards of human and political rights. There were poor living conditions, rampant unemployment, and corruption in Tunisia prior to the revolution. In fact, thousands of young people from North Africa would enter Europe illegally to look for a better life.
How did the Middle East divide into separate countries after world war one?
After World War 1, many countries gained boundaries, others lost, yet others were unchanged. In the Middle East, Lebanon separated from Syria in a treaty signed in 1936. This was because of rising trade and education connections between Lebanon and Europe, and the large Christian population of Lebanon (Skahill 40-41). The population of Lebanon was either wealthy or very poor. The Middle East countries include Bahrain, Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Kuwait, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, UAE, and Yemen.
What is revolution? The self-burning of Al Bouazizi who was a poor, young, and educated Tunisian who lacked employment was the beginning of expressing the injustices in the Ali regime (CNN Web). ...
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Many factors why those revolutions in the Middle East had been happened were analysed in reliance on the history of that region, the economic situation and so on. In addition, it was descibed why this topic has so crucial importance nowadays. …
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