To What Extent NGOs is the Voice of Civil Society - Essay Example

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To What Extent NGOs is the Voice of Civil Society

Many people believe that NGOs emerging from the Civil Society; hence representing it. In their opinion, NGOs mediate relationships between state and civil society and they are part of civil society. In order to learn more about the role of NGO’s in a civil society, it is necessary to define the term civil society. Civil society is an ambiguous term. There are plenty of definitions attached to the term civil society by different scholars. “The paradox about civil society is that it covers a vast range of activities - yet it's very hard to define. One description puts it quite succinctly: 'A civil society is a public space between the state, the market, and the ordinary household, in which people can debate and tackle action” (What Is Civil Society?. When applied in developing country contexts, it is often used to refer to the NGO sector, social movements and trade unions. It sometimes even includes the private sector. “The term civil society is generally used to classify persons, institutions, and organizations that have the goal of advancing or expressing a common purpose through ideas, actions, and demands on governments”. In any case, politicians, governmental and nongovernmental organizations are working for the well-being of the civil society; at least on papers. According to Lister, “The legitimacy of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) is poorly theorized in development studies literature, where it is usually seen as dependent on accountability, performance, and representativeness ...Show more


It is mandatory for the government to work for the betterment of the civil society; however, it is impossible to force nongovernmental organizations to work in favor of the civil society.This paper critically analyses the question; To what extent NGOs are the voice of civil society?…
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To What Extent NGOs is the Voice of Civil Society essay example
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