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Reason and democracy

In his speech on (2009), the united state president Barrack Obama claimed that, American presumes no knowledge of everyone's needs, but he believes that everyone yearns for certain things in life. These things include; the ability to share their thoughts on how they are governed; the ability to confide in the judicial system. In addition, citizens need to have a government they can confide in with their resources, and for the freedom to live as they may choose (Obama's Speech in Cairo 2009)
In this sense, a true act of democracy must be supplied by reason. Democratic state, government in office are open and ready to supply all the essential facts of their actions to their citizens. This builds the citizens trust on the government in managing their resources, in the judicial system and their freedom to make their own chooses without state manipulation or threats (Obama's Speech in Cairo 2009)..
If an individual believes that they are entitled to certain aspects in life, if one can clearly elaborate the reasons as to why they enjoy such rights as opposed to if they were not entitled to them, hence, they believe in democracy. In a judicial system, every judgment ought to be backed by reason. It is only in such circumstances that democracy is fulfilled. If a judge were to pass judgment on individuals without clarified reasons, then this would defile the aspect of democracy. Acts of democracy should be justifiable based on reason.
In a dialogue between; Theseus from a democratic city, and Theban Herald from despotism city. ...
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The purpose of present study is to discuss the idea and structure of a democratic government. For this paper, the writer uses various speeches and sources to illustrate and argue his point. The essay attempts to answer the question whether the man have to believe in Reason to believe in Democracy…
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