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The impact of changes in political leadership on the foreign policies of the People's Republic of China - Essay Example

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The impact of changes in political leadership on the foreign policies of the People's Republic of China

This study will begin with the statement that China is one of the most rapidly developing countries in the world. Many people believe that China may become a superpower in near future itself and the supremacy of America in global political and economic matters will be ended shortly. Even though communism is prevailing in China for the last few decades, it doesn’t mean that China’s internal and external policies undergone no changes. Some of the communist leaders in the past were adamant in implementing communist policies whereas modern political leaderships seems to be adopting more liberal approaches in implementing communist policies in China. Deng Xiao Ping is considered as the father of modern China. Even though Mao was one of the most charismatic leaders of China, his economic and political policies were strictly in line with communist principles. He never tried to dilute communist principles even for the betterment of China. However, the leadership followed by Mao was not so, especially Deng Xiao Ping. Deng succeeded in putting strong bases to China’s economic growth without sacrificing many of the communist principles. The leaders succeeded by Deng were also followed the same path of Deng and currently China is one of the most prosperous countries in the world. Interpreting China’s foreign policy is an important key to understand the tides of global affairs in 1990’s, not only because China, with the world’s largest population wields demographic and economic clouts, but also it arguably the most dynamic country in the second half of twentieth century. ...Show more


This paper analyses the impact of changes in political leadership on the foreign policies of the People's Republic of China. As a key player in global economic and political spectrum at present, China’s foreign policies are studied with curiosity by political analysts…
Author : greysonmonahan
The impact of changes in political leadership on the foreign policies of the People's Republic of China essay example
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