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Terrorism Finance and Crime

Terrorist organizations have continually exploited and relied on charities as their major source of support. Charity organizations provide hiding places to members and financiers of terrorist groups. Their financial support to the charity organization helps them get a cover for their actions and hence can be able to exist in a location in the name of being members of the charity group. This makes it hard for the anti terrorist groups or government officers to identify them and hence co-exist easily.
Terrorists have also taken advantage over radical vulnerable communities by recruiting them into their groups through charities. On occasion when charity groups are out assisting such communities, Terrorist groups offer financial assistance them and travel with them to the ares they offering help. During the charity exercise, members of these communities are lured into the terrorist groups and hence they are able recruit people into it.
Terrorist groups hide their identity and act like charity groups. Upon funding by nations with high economic levels, they move these funds to other countries and support terrorism. Terrorists working in this disguise are not easily identified and they accomplish their missions easily due to availability of funds. A good example is UNSC 1267 that had two charity groups in Pakistan, which were used to get funds that funded bombings in India. (Wills ,2003)Terrorist groups and organized crime groups have been two different groups with different modes of operation. ...
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This essay describes that terrorism is the act of using violence with political or religious intentions and its purpose is to create fear to its target. It is categorized under three branches: domestic terrorism, international terrorism and federal crime terrorism. …
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