The American Involvement in the Politics of Middle East - Essay Example

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The American Involvement in the Politics of Middle East

When Bush declared war on Iraq, experts say he was supporting the Jews. He wanted to assist the Israelites. High-ranking officials in Bush's administration were Jews. The officials took part in making the decision to invade Iraq. Iraq was Israel's chief enemy. They proved to be high economic competitors to Israel. It affected the economy of Israel because of these economic competitions. The war was like an activity of saving Israel . Saddam Hussein was not a major threat to America. He posed only a risk of launching a nuclear attack towards Israel. America did a wrong thing in capturing and executing Saddam. Bush wanted to prove that his administration was supporting the growth of Israel. He supported every action that Israel Prime Minister, Sharon, wanted to do. In many of his speeches, Bush reinstated his wish of a strong bond between the Jews and Americans. US had an opinion that the security of the world depends on the security of Israel. The US had strategic plans to fight terrorism in the Middle East, which posed a threat to Israel. Terrorism was a global menace. US viewed Israel as a strategic country to fight terror in Middle East. The Jewish state had planned war on Iraq long time ago. It all began in 1996 when Israel's government planned an attack on Iraq. The government of Israel put the strategy into a paper, and the respective authors of the document later became influential figures in Bush administration.US foreign policy is another issue that contributed significantly to the learning of the course. ...Show more


Americans invaded Iraq in 2003 because of many reasons. The course covered in depth the reasons why Americans sent troops to Iraq soil.The paper "The American Involvement in the Politics of Middle East" evaluates critically the issues surrounding the American involvement in the politics of Middle East…
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The American Involvement in the Politics of Middle East essay example
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