Examination of the U.S. Electoral College: The Pros and the Cons - Term Paper Example

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Examination of the U.S. Electoral College: The Pros and the Cons

This essay declares that investigating the Electoral College and appointing of electors are critical in considering the fairness of American democracy. The Electoral College is made up of the electors pledged to support either Republican or Democratic candidate for President. Every four years, each political party sends up a nominee who runs for candidacy in the Electoral College. This action follows the order of the 12th Amendment that says that, “each State shall appoint, in such manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a number of Electors”.
This discussion explores that electors are chosen by the State, for that reason, the State’s interests would be more involved in government than the people’s. This authority placed within the state excludes the participation of the average American citizen from having a say in who has to vote at the Presidential elections. Since this power to decide is out of reach for the average citizen, this lack of access causes one to doubt in the democratic process. In the book, Why the Electoral College is Bad for America, George Edwards writes that “the state legislators have plenary power over appointing electors and could even refuse to provide for the appointment of any electors if they so chose. Moreover, there is no constitutional right to the public to vote for electors”. This plenary power belonging to the State is full and absolute. ...Show more


This essay Examination of the U.S. Electoral College: The Pros and the Cons talks that although America makes the boast that as a nation, she leads in the movement of democracy in the Western world, there are blatant irregularities in the democratic process that contradict her claims…
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Examination of the U.S. Electoral College: The Pros and the Cons essay example
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