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Politics and Beliefs

This essay discusses that according to Cloninger, for a certain group of people, ideology is important and performs four functions. The first function is it describes the surroundings and answers question why things go as they are. The second of these functions is the evaluation of the surrounding whether good or bad. The third of the functions of ideology is to give the person or group of people a sense of identity. The most important of the functions is the programmatic aspect where ideas are applied into actions. Political ideology is therefore a very important aspect of human nature. A political ideology according to Cloninger is like a revolutionary movement at first that will try to create change according to the goals in life as they wish. Gerring in Chris Livesey’s work entitled Power and Politics defined “Ideologies” (a set of related beliefs and values) become political ideologies when they “specify a concrete programme of actions” (such as party manifesto). Mullins described political ideologies as a program of collective action for the maintenance , alteration and transformation of society”. Livesey stated that a conventional way to classify political ideologies is to view them as a continuous line (the continuum) with two ends: “left wing” parties including Communist and Socialist and “right wing” parties such Conservative and Fascist. Rummel also identified major political ideologies by illustrating a political triangle. ...
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This research will begin with the explanation of ideology and political ideology, presentation of types of political ideology and political socialization. This research is the best example of comparison of politics, political ideologies and socialization…
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