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The Role of Women in Business

This discriptive essay is focused on a woman, who was an active member of the Montgomery Voters League which had been established to enable the black people to register for voting by helping them pass the literacy tests. In addition, Rosa Parks also participated in the NAACP and protested against segregation in America and started the Civil Rights Movement in America.
After her heroic and courageous decision not to leave her seat on the bus, she became a symbol of protest against segregation in America. “I knew that as far as I was concerned, I would never ride on a segregated bus again” - Rosa Parks. Her outstanding career and impact, that she caused to human rights in US is still respected all over the world.
Had Rosa Parks not protested against segregation in America, the sociopolitical scenario of America might have been radically different from what it is today. America is bearing the fruits of the efforts made by this lady till date and one of the effects of her efforts is the selection of Barack Obama, who despite being black, has been selected as the President of the USA.
In conclusion this essay mentiones few of the famous phrases by Rosa Parks that are often cited, such as, “I would like to be known as a person who is concerned about freedom and equality and justice and prosperity for all people”- Rosa Parks. ...Show more


This short essay focuses on women's role in bussiness society in United States of America. Author of this essay refers to a woman, named Rosa Parks, who has had immense impact on the politics and culture of America .
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The Role of Women in Business essay example
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