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Why America isn't the greatest country in the world anymore

The level of literacy in America has been declining remarkably. Statistics indicate that the education system in the United States is failing. Estimates indicate, “ninety-three million American adults or about forty-five percent have limited math and writing skills” (Literacy Texas.). The statistics are startling since the low literacy skills can have negative effects on the global image of the United States. In 2003, an assessment pointed out that one adult in a group of three Americans is unable to display reading skills (Literacy Texas). Similarly, a section of the American population has low health literacy. The low health literacy has been pointed as a top predictor and contributor to mortality. In Texas, the literacy programs serve a small number of Americans in need of writing and reading skills. In effect, the declining levels of literacy displace America from the perceived top position on the globe. Thus, it is important to remedy the problem by boosting the literacy levels.
The statistics of infant mortality and life expectancy in the US are startling. The video clip indicates that the US is forty-ninth in infant mortality and hundred and seventy-eighth in infant mortality (Taube). A health report pointed out that Americans have a low life expectancy as compared to other wealthy nations. The short life expectancy is attributable to violence, especially from the people who possess guns. According to the estimates, “approximately six violent deaths occur in every hundred thousand residents” (Castillo). ...
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This essay presents a review on the video that concerns America and its position in the world. Reportedly, the protagonist anchor in the video clip indicates that America is no longer the greatest country in the world. The anchor delivers a soliloquy that underscores that American decline. …
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