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Causes and Effects of Refugees

Of all causes of such migration in most countries and areas, the most significant one is violence experienced there. According to Salehyan (2008), “Periods of civil unrest and persecution frequently generate population dislocations” (p 787). In addition, a conflict in any given area triggers massive migrations of refugees across national borders and towards other countries considered to be safe. This is evident in locations that are prone to civil and social strife such as Afghanistan, the Balkans, Sudan, and Iraq. Generally, it is due to a civil strife in one’s homeland that a person leaves it.
Anti-regime rebellions also lead to the emergence of refugees due to persecution. This is in regard to violating human rights, for example, the right to freedom of expression. However, not all governments or leaders welcome the idea of political freedom, as they prefer to silence their people. Ethnic campaigns are also major contributors to the presence of refugees in the world we live in (Salehyan, 2008). In spite of the world holding the title “civilized”, some people still think of their superiority. This is in regard to individuals who incite chaos against people they consider to be inferior to them, a practice also called ethnic cleansing. It is such events that, following tribal clashes between the Hutus and Tutsis, led to massive migration of refugees from Rwanda to neighbouring countries. ...
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This paper discusses the problem of refugee. Also, it aims to understand the factors that cause people to leave their homelands and how this forced migration affects their lives.The term “refugee” refers to a person who seeks sanctuary after being driven out of his or her country by forces that are beyond his or her control…
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