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Why Do We Fight?

The USA conflict with the Al- Assad regime began way in 2012. In 2013, the region experienced a quest for regime change affecting most of the regions in the Middle East and Levant regions (Blanchard et al, 2014). The internal matters become a global issue once the passive powers got involved. The first internal conflict took place early in 2011 when rebels called for regime change and engaged with the existing government. This escalated into a civil war that left millions displaced. The issue destabilized the region. The Kurdish region of Kobani would stage another internal conflict that would draw international attention (Dunne, 2013). An uprising calling for independent Islamic states rose and affected the region. The USA and her allies called for joint efforts to curb this movement. This would, later on, escalate into USA- Syrian conflict. Dunne (2013) attributes the internal conflict to failures by the government to control activities within its borders. The loss of confidants from a given percentage of the Syrian created room for the rebels to advance in their activities. USA interests in the region Three major points drove the military actions against the region. The first point is to aid the rebel in ending the Al- Assad rule. This is enhanced by the fact that the current regime is opposed to the USA involvement in the Middle East. There was needed for a collaborative government in the region that would ensure the USA’s policies are executed with less resistance. ...
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The essay focuses on the conflict between the United States and Syria. The contemporary conflicts are a matter of personal interests and national security. The essay focuses on theories that explain the conflict with respect to each country’s personal interests…
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