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The Christian Zionists in America focuses on the covenant God had with Abraham in the Old Testament. The group had sympathy for Jews in the Soviet Union because of the suffering they went through in the hands of Nazi. The British restricted Jewish immigration into Palestine under the terms of the Mandate (Galili y Garcia & Morozov, 2006). The political situation reached a point, which it was not familiar to Arabs and Jews. The route into and out of Europe for Jews who wanted to enter Palestine was false.
Three incentives lie behind the emigration of the Jews from the Soviet Union. Individuals from the Jewish societies find it hard to integrate into communities that host them. Jews are secluded in their social environment. The Jews grew to believe that they could preserve their culture and traditions through identifying the ethical values. Moral values play a significant role in the values of most societies. Moral incentives focus on the rights of individuals in the society. The Russian society fails to protect its citizens by catering for their rights. In capitalist's economies like Russia, material incentives are one of the factors for the emigration of Jews in the Soviet Union. Liberal societies provide ample environment for Jews to settle into their economic systems. ...
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In the 20th century, the Nazi was the biggest enemies of Jews. The Soviet Union is responsible for the oppression of Jews in the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union is responsible for the constant abuse of nations that were under the Soviet Union. …
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