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Energy as a Parameter in Politcs

It is true that Asia is the new ground zero for growth of energy is also true that Asia will be responsible for 85% of the energy consumption growth on the planet in the next 20 years. This has seen Russia try to form ties with the east to establish a proper market for its hydrocarbon exports . The obvious deduction from this would be that Russia would wield more geopolitical power in the next few decades, which is not likely to be the case . The current technological advancements have enabled rapid expansion of the shale gas industry in the US. In a decade, the industry has grown dramatically with the product now in abundant supply,seeing drastic reduction in prices. The policy debate has snow shifted to how much of the nation’s energy resource should be exported.The strengthening of the US’ geopolitical strength due to the shift in paradigms of the global energy market has greatly hindered China’s attempt to be the global leader. The best way to counter this influence would be to weaken the alliances that the US has with states in the region. The result has been the heightening of maritime tensions in the region with the East China Sea conflict providing a good illustration . Both China and japan lay claim to a number of geographical features found in the sea. The features that comprise of a few islands and territorial waters could provide energy reserves and fishing grounds . However, this is not the only reason behind the conflict. ...
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Any nation’s economic state and sustainability depend on its ability to access and utilize energy sources.The essay "Energy as a Parameter in Politics" analyses the impact of energy resources on world's geopolitics. The author presents the examples of such countries as USA, Russia, China and Japan…
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