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Should the Electoral College still be in place?

This particular thesis would look back through history for examples where the electoral system on current values have failed to provide a decision based on the unanimous most popular votes achieved and hence appoint office a candidate who significantly does not hold the peoples ideology in running the country. Lastly we would succumb to the fact that prior to twentieth century the electoral system of electing the president was made by people who were the pioneers of their time and society while keeping in mind the common educational awareness in a single voter and how this method would cancel dysfunctional voting which may not be in the best interest of the United States. For matters concerning the voting system upheld by the Electoral College, there have been, for the past two centuries, excessive debates that primarily highlight the loop holes associated with this form of presidential selection. Firstly before jumping in to the jargon of as to why the Electoral College of presidential elections deems a misfit in current society we would on first note take up to the fact that what practically is the Electoral system of voting that we all so often refer to. On theoretical counts the Electoral College system of voting to claim a new head of the state is a method in which electors from every state cast their votes on potential candidates that seek to become the next president so as such the electors hold the key of who becomes the new subsequent head of the state. ...
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The paper would initially shed light of what the current electoral system corresponds to and how it works in selecting a potential candidate. This paper would give a clear picture as to why the current electoral system is an obsolete method of casting presidential votes for the state…
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