Political Ideas, Their Policies and Ramifications - Essay Example

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Political Ideas, Their Policies and Ramifications

The equality it free market moralist enables people not to exercise force and threats to others. Also, it gives people the ability to go beyond their potential and do more than they ‘deserve’. Finally, it enables people to do what is morally and permissible by society. Through the theory of Justice and Fairness (Rawls), one understands that equity is very fundamental to a person. His first principle, liberty principle, asserts that equality enables people have equal rights and freedom to basic liberties like personal belongings and as a result, the government has no power and authority to remove people from them since everyone is equal. This can be summarized in Rawls claim “each person has equal claim to a fully adequate scheme of equal basic rights and liberties.” ...
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The significance of equality under free market moralist occurs if neither of the involved parties physically force or threat the other party to give goods or service. Rather, the exchange should be out of good will leading to satisfaction of both parties hence equity. …
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