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International Political Economy

This paper stresses that the spread of globalization today is not viewed as simply an invasion into the markets of nation-states but as also an encroachment of the political stability experienced by sovereign states. Globalization has brought with it the erosion of state sovereignty such as the change of their monetary policy leaving them at the mercy of the global economy. Although the development of regional organizations and international agencies is on the rise to ‘protect’ the privileges and sovereignty of nation-states, they are also under the control of a political power and its actions are highly influenced by it. This is a major problem in the International Political Economy since some nation-states are retaliating from opening their markets for globalization in the feat of losing control of their democracy, morals and governance as demonstrated by countries in the Middle East.
This report makes a conclusion that the challenge of globalization is a difficult one since it grows on a daily basis, the best remedy that the International Political Economy can try to implement is to make sure that global political influence is limited. the International Political Economy faces a lot of challenges most of which are minor , and can be easily remedied with the implementation of regulations on a global level the realization of a purely independent and free International Political Economy is not far not is it close because it has to overcome all of its challenges first. ...
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The paper talks that International Political Economy is currently widely appreciated as a subject of high theoretical research and applied policy analysis. Structural problems in the International Political Economy are the major challenge that faces the International Political Economy. …
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