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Intelligence Missions and Capabilities: Challenges of the 21st Century

Since the very start of its existence as a functioning espionage body in 1947, it has caused alarming situations. Dating from the recent “scandals” involving the agency that are inclusive of the Snowden Revelations, the United States ambassador attacks in Benghazi (Munger, 2015). Also, a lesson was learned from the 2009 attack on CIA Base in Afghanistan revealing security breaches. To the historical experiences of the USS Cole and 911 bomb attacks, not forgetting the ancient ones of the post-Iraq Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) to the United States-Vietnamese wars of 1960 to mid-1970’s there has been numerous of controversial episodes of disaster that has resulted in effecting those on the receiving end of the outcomes of its operations. According to public records, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has given a hand to the executions of several missions of the U.S Government interest widespread of coups, assassinations, and kidnapping of targeted individuals for interrogations with torture. It has been the key espionage agency that has been put into use by almost every president of the U.S in the running of their regimes. The extensive use of this body has been with Bush’s and Obama’s regimes where it had been deployed with the responsibility of fighting terrorism at large and also monitor the world’s nuclear weapons advancements (Silberman, 2015). Furthermore, there has been evident rivalry between the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) charged with the mandate to execute internal espionage and the outspoken CIA. The NSA has been caught in these crises with reference to Snowden ...
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The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) being the intelligence unit charged with heaviest load of burden to work out since it deals with external espionage has had a couple of controversies which have brought about questionable remarks involving its efficiency in its operations and also about the same operations. …
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