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American Political System

The Affordable Care Act is said to help ensure that the citizens are in charge of their health care. The Act highlights a patient’s bill of right that states that every American is flexible, and stable in identifying the needs arising from their health. The Act though ignores the crucial issue of health care cost attainments. It is said to be an affordable act but the American patients have to incur a lot to attaining health insurance and cannot attain any treatment without having paid all premiums.
Difficulties experienced in the application of Civil Rights in the South
The civil rights Act was developed by Kennedy in 1875. Its main aims were to address the issues of discrimination based on color, sex, race, religion and origin, the application of the voters and their requirements and the freedom to access public facilities, work places and schools. Despite this, the bill was faced by a number of controversies that delayed its immediate applicability. But first, the fact that it did not include a number of vital provisions as stated by some of the civil rights leaders, which included terminating the discrimination experienced in private sectors, providing protection against brutality brought out by the police, and creating a department to enhance justice among all citizens disregard less of position or wealth, the bill failed to be passed.
In addition, President Johnson said that the bill created a division and stimulated long-term differences in the political support between the North and South. ...
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The paper "American Political System" discusses the fundamental aspects of the united states political landscape. Looking at America’s Economic state, it has been experiencing financial crisis that has resulted from the fact that there are more imports than exports. …
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