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Anwar Sadat

 During his 11-year reign, he was responsible for the transformation of Egypt from the once retrogressive state to the now progressive state.  His achievements are well documented.Upon ascending to power, Sadat embarked on a corrective initiative that was meant to amend the supposed damage done by his predecessor.  The arrest of the secret police generals and the subsequent diluting of the secret police powers caused shock waves in Egypt. The expulsion of the Soviet Union military from Egypt and the transformation of the Egyptian military brought confidence amongst Egyptians on his determination to address the unchecked misuse of the military powers in the country (International Relations, 2015).In 1973, President Sadat led Egypt into the Yom Kippur War that helped in reclaiming Egypt’s land. During the Six Day War that his predecessor Nasser took part, the country was overwhelmed by the Israeli military that resulted in the country losing some of its lands. As president, Sadat made the recapturing of Egypt’s land lost during the war his priority. As a result, Sinai Peninsula, which was captured by the Israeli army during the war, was returned to Egypt.  Later on, he engaged in finding a peaceful resolution between Egypt and Israel; an act that earned him a Nobel Prize Award. Even though the supposed treaty elicited negative reactions and resistance from the Arab world, it was successfully signed on 26th March 1979 in Washington D.C(Rubin, 2014). ...
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Anwar Sadat was the third president of Egypt. The writer of the paper "Anwar Sadat" detailed analyzes his 11-year reign and its achievements. It also discusses the process of the transformation of Egypt from the once retrogressive state to the now progressive state…
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