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President as the Chief Head of State

Head of state is title given to someone who holds the utmost graded position in a specified state. President has the oblique supremacy to operate as the principal public delegate of a monarch state as depicted in the intercontinental decree, political discipline, legitimate act, and suave modus operandi. The president leads the executive arm of the government in implementing the laws made by the legislator. Presidents have the final say over any rule or law which has been made or amended by the national assembly. The president has the power to appoint or nominate to people to work in any government office (Hudson, 2012). However, any proposal or rendezvous is subject to substantiation by parliament... The president also performs both ceremonial and legislative roles. The ceremonial role is performed in most instances when there is a state visit whereas the legislative role is performed when the president who is entitled with the task of reporting to parliament on contemporary state of affairs in the country.
The fact that the president has the final say on matter of government, as the chief head of state helps most countries to maintain peace. The president is able to make major decisions on behalf of the people. ...
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Role is a lay down of associated viewpoints, norms, compulsion, civil liberties, and behavior as viewed by people in a societal state of affairs. The roles of a president in other words refers to the responsibilities or what they are obliged to do as stipulated by various constitution in the different countries world-wide…
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